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Dr. Sarah Sawyer practices in Seattle, WA

Dr. Sarah Sawyer practices in Seattle, WA


Dr. Sarah A. Sawyer

Geek Therapist Diplomate

Dr. Sarah Sawyer is a Doctor of Counseling Psychology and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Co-Owner and Lead Clinician at Save Point Behavioral Health - a geek and gamer-centric private practice located in Seattle, Washington. She also serves as Content Manager for Take This, a mental health non-profit that seeks to educate and advocate for mental health support in the gaming community and industry. She has been featured in Variety and iThrive Games, multiple streams and podcasts, and a MST3K-style commercial for the popular indie game Death Squared. Sarah streams weekly for Geeks Like Us, a non-profit that strives to embrace geek culture and encourages the development of science and new ideas. She regularly travels to present about video games, geek culture, and psychology at conventions - as well as developing and presenting education at training seminars. Sarah is active on twitter @xsarahdactylx.