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Why Troubled Youth Love Anime, and Why You Should Too (Part 1)

Konnichiwa reader! A couple questions before we start:

1) Was someone you loved savagely killed by a mysterious villain or supernatural force?

2) Are you EXTREMELY distant from your father (assuming he wasn’t said loved one)?

3) Are you rarely acknowledged by your village or peers?

4) Do you face life-threatening obstacles on the weekly, overcoming them by developing newfound strengths or insight?

5) Do you express anger like this (while rehashing out loud every wrong that’s ever been done to you):

If you answered yes to these questions, then you are the main character in an anime series. You should know that it’s fairly likely your story will end in a moment of absolute insanity, and it won’t make any sense, and you should prepare accordingly.

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Building a Community with Super Smash Bros.

It all started off as a joke that I made three years ago in in my 10th grade Global History class. A student asked me what they could do to earn a 100% in my class and I told them, “beat me one-on-one in Super Smash Bros.” I was just being my sarcastic self, but this comment actually ended up fostering a gaming community in my school. 

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How Ash Ketchum and Pokemon Teaches Us About Perseverance and Grit

For over 20 years, more than two decades, Ash Ketchum has been chasing his dream of being a Pokémon Master.  He has come close for sure, finishing in the top eight, top four, and even coming close to his dream when in the Kalos region. However, he never achieved his ultimate destiny when he was traversing the regions until now.

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Geek Therapy Culture Matters

I just got to do something that I have not done in over a year, I took a vacation.  Two whole weeks away from work (mostly) to spend time with my family. It was wonderful, though it was also a powerful reminder of the impact of culture on our lives.  Immersing myself in another’s culture is an important facet of my life, but also my career. By doing this, we are able to learn about the sense of “other” or their culture.

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Geek Therapy and Geek Therapist Trainers at PAX West This Week!

Hello Everyone!

We are going to be on a small venture this week while being at PAX West for Geek Therapy Trainings and also immersing ourselves within the geek therapy culture. We absolutely love doing these trainings and also being able to be a part of the community we love to talk, teach, and work with in all of our different disciplines. So we will be taking a quick break on the Video Games and #GeekTherapy while this week, but plan to resume again on September 9th when we are back from this amazing convention. We will also be having some of our books available for purchase as well and signed by the authors if you want to snag your own special copy!

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Geek Therapy: The Heroic Journey and Archetype

usually must incur and the post-traumatic growth from the experienced trauma. A hero endures through a painful ordeal, usually in the childhood, through psychological change directly resulting from the adverse experience.  Heroes are not born, they are created (Campbell, 1972).  After the post-traumatic growth a higher level of functioning occurs to which the hero is unable to return to the state before.  Batman is a prime example of this phenomenon due to his parents being killed by Joe Chill during his early years and forcing him then to rise from the ashes of his destroyed childhood becoming Batman later on.  Bruce Wayne cannot return to the state of his childhood even when he manages to find some solace in his actions later on-he is forever changed.  Most video game characters have this phenomenon ingrained into their storyline making each video game a poignant example, envision, and playing of post-traumatic growth.

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Geek Therapy: Working Therapeutically With Video Gamers Through Archetypes

Archetypes are considered to be images with universal meanings attached to them (Stein, 1998).  They are a widely used and beloved way of experiencing and discussing life, but also one of the most difficult ideas or motifs to conceptualize due to the less than tangible existence they represent.  The conceptual idea of these psychologically abstract and literal interpretations of our lives is usually associated with Carl Jung (2014) or James Hillman (2004) as the creators and identifiers of these themes.  Archetypes are everywhere, yet have to be conceptualized from a metaphorical, symbolic, and non-literal approach to be used in therapy and commonplace life. 

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Continuing Education - A Must For All Professionals

Continuing education are classes all licensed professionals must take each year to uphold the status of their license. This is a requirement for all professionals to undergo in order to stay licensed. Every state has a different requirement of the number, how many need to be taken in person and what continuing educational credits count.

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Geek Therapy and Geek Therapist Liabilities and Risks

When we work with our clients we are engaging in providing clinical health services for them based on our education, expertise, and licenses (i.e. therapists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, speech language pathologists, nurses, etc.).  That act of engaging can be quite a remarkable journey with them and for ourselves as well.  However, it can also be a nightmare when risks and liabilities are not taken into consideration or adequate training and certification has not been obtained. 

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