Geek Therapy and Geek Therapist Training
Become A Certified Geek Therapist


Diplomate Status


  • Has completed a 40+ of CEUs in the area of Geek Therapy, has been a Certified Geek Therapist for at least one year, holds a current Certificate in Geek Culture Competency, and has reviewed recordings and provided feedback for Certified Geek Therapists for at least one year. Diplomates can teach CEUs and create their own material under the umbrella of Geek Therapy and has been approved by Bean Professional Psychological Services PLLC as a Certified Trainer in Geek Therapy.


The applicant must meet the criteria and requirements to apply for the certification process.

  1. The applicant must be licensed by a governing board in their State or Province of residence.

  2. The applicant must be in good standing and provide proof of the license.

  3. The applicant then prepares and submits an application to become credentialed as a Certified Geek Therapist after obtaining their Certificate in Geek Cultural Competency and pay any associated fees with the application. This allows Leyline to follow your progress and manage all of the necessary documents throughout the process.

  4. Individuals not wishing to pursue a Certificate or Certification are allowed to take trainings individually if wanted whether they are licensed by a governing board in their state or province of residence, however, the trainings may not count towards the certification or certificate without meeting the full requirements.


Documentation of Eligibility and Requirements

  1. A completed application form

  2. A copy of the candidate’s State or Providence license

  3. Copies of completion of training as requested in the certification requirements

  4. A signed attestation that the candidate has met all the requirements to be Certified in Geek Therapy

  5. Must have signed the Geek Therapy Ethical Code of Conduct.

Bean Professional Psychological Services, PLLC will certify candidates who meet and attest to the above requirements.  Certified therapists can choose to be listed on our national registry of certified Geek Therapy providers.


Re-credentialing takes place every two years.

Certified Geek Therapists have to take a minimum of 12 hours of CEUs by Certified Geek Therapy Trainers - online or offline within their two year span in order to keep their Certified Geek Therapist status.